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Your story deserves to be told, and you deserve to be heard. When someone is removed from employment for unjust reasons, it can feel like they have been singled out with nowhere to go. Not only do the lawyers at Imler Law believe in their clients, but they make sure that they feel comfortable enough to speak out.

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Helping employees who have been unjustly fired and giving them the voice to fight back is what the team at Imler Law does. Unfortunately, far too many people in Florida have been bullied into believing that they can’t do anything to protect themselves after they have been dismissed from their jobs.

The ways in which you can be intimidated on the job can range from working in a toxic workplace to suffering intentional discrimination, but the result of the mistreatment is the same: You are now out of a job, and you don’t know where to go or what to do next.

The lawyers at Imler Law want to serve as your voice in this situation. They will be there for you when it feels like nobody else is, ready to help you create a plan for your next steps.

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What An Employment Law Attorney Can Do For You

Employment law attorneys fight for the fair treatment of their clients. This includes enforcing labor standards such as minimum wage, working hours and safe working conditions. Some employers will try to find ways around these requirements, and when that’s discovered, they may place blame on the employee to avoid payments such as severance. This can put an employee in a situation where they may feel they are too much at a disadvantage to speak out. They may believe that if they lose their job, they will also lose access to not only compensation but important benefits such as health insurance as well. The lawyers at Imler Law can help you in this situation.

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Jason William Imler
Jason William Imler
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