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Fight For Your Right To Fair Pay

In an ideal world, all employees would receive the pay they rightfully deserve without issue. However, in real life, many employers across various industries take advantage of their workforce by committing wage violations.

Federal laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Florida state wage laws set strict standards that employers must follow on minimum wage rates, overtime pay, record-keeping requirements and more. When companies flout these rules, they are short-changing their employees.

Attorneys Jason Imler and Alberto “Tito” Gonzalez of Imler Law believe that employees deserve full and fair compensation for all the hours they’ve worked. The Land O’ Lakes-based law firm focuses exclusively on employment law cases, which means Imler and Gonzalez have the experience to help you with even the most contentious wage claims.

If you have any concerns about your pay, call the team and learn how to file and handle your wage and hour claim.

When Can You File A Wage And Hour Claim?

There are numerous situations where employees may have a valid claim against their employer for unpaid wages, lack of overtime compensation or other pay violations under state and federal labor laws. Some of the most common scenarios where you could file a wage and hour lawsuit include:

  • Improper pay deductions: Illegal deductions from wages for things like uniforms, cash shortages or business expenses.
  • Misclassification as exempt: Misclassification as an exempt employee to avoid overtime pay requirements.
  • Missing a final paycheck: Not receiving your last regular paycheck after resigning or your employer terminating you.
  • Missing pay for hours worked: No pay for all time spent working, such as off-the-clock work or having pay docked improperly.
  • Paid under the minimum wage: If your hourly pay rate falls below the applicable federal, state or local minimum wage.
  • Sales commissions or unpaid bonuses: Earned commission, incentive or bonus pay that your employer never provided as owed.
  • Tip misappropriation: Improper tip pooling, confiscation or deduction of tips in violation of tip credit laws.
  • Unpaid overtime: Not receiving time-and-a-half pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek for nonexempt employees.
  • Unpaid vacation or sick time: Having gained paid time off that was never compensated upon termination as required.

Pursuing a claim for owed wages and compensation can be extremely difficult for employees to do alone. Wage and hour cases often involve complicated issues like calculating the proper overtime rate, providing documentation of hours worked and overcoming employer defenses.

Lawyers Imler and Gonzalez can determine if labor laws were violated, compile the evidence needed to prove damages and fight to recover back pay, penalties, and interest you are entitled to under the law. You might also be able to recover compensation for attorney fees and “liquidated damages”– damages beyond the money your employer owes you.

Pursue Your Right To Adequate Wages

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