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Protecting Employees From Workplace Retaliation

Employees have the right to report unlawful or unethical practices by their employers without fear of retaliation. In addition, both federal and Florida laws prohibit employers from punishing workers who report these violations. However, even with the laws in place, some employers still unfairly penalize employees.

If this happens to you as you report your employer’s violations, you may be able to exercise your rights as an employee with the help of Imler Law. Attorneys Jason Imler and Alberto “Tito” Gonzalez are Imler Law, a two-man legal team based in Land O’ Lakes that exclusively handles employment law cases for employees. Dedicated to helping all employees, the two lawyers work directly with you to tackle your retaliation case and hold your employer accountable.

What’s Considered Unlawful Retaliation?

Apart from firing the employee, retaliation can take different forms. Some of these illegal actions include:

  • Changing or reducing job duties
  • Creating intolerable working conditions
  • Demotion or refusal to promote
  • Denial of due benefits
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Exclusion
  • Giving negative performance reviews
  • Harassment
  • Reduced pay or working hours

If you suffer any of these punishments from your employer, you may have grounds for a retaliation claim.

Why Should You File A Retaliation Claim?

If you’ve been the victim of illegal retaliation by your employer, filing a formal retaliation claim not only compensates you for the harm you suffered but also serves as a deterrent against future misconduct. Through a successful retaliation lawsuit, employees may be able to recover various forms of damages, including:

  • Attorney’s fees: Prevailing plaintiffs can recover reasonable lawyers’ fees and legal costs.
  • Back pay/benefits: Employees can also recover wages, benefits or other compensation wrongly withheld because of the retaliation.
  • Corrective action: Courts can order employers to cease discriminatory practices, provide anti-retaliation training and implement preventative policies.
  • Emotional distress damages: Employees can claim compensation for mental anguish, humiliation and other noneconomic harm caused by the retaliation.
  • Front pay: Plaintiffs can also claim payment for future lost earnings if reinstatement is not possible.
  • Promotion: A court may order the employee to be given the promotion or raise they were denied due to retaliation.
  • Punitive damages: Employees can hold the employer responsible for egregious violations and prevent repeat behavior through these damages.
  • Reinstatement/hiring: Employees can request to be reinstated to their previous job or given the position they were wrongfully denied after engaging in protected activity.

An experienced employment law attorney – like lawyers Imler and Gonzalez – may be able to evaluate the full scope of your claim and help you pursue the maximum available damages and remedies.

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